Aluminum welding

The welding of aluminum requires experience and modern equipment for the execution. For this purpose, JAHN GmbH owns automated and modern welding equipment, which can achieve high-quality results in series production.

In order to do justice to a comprehensive offer portfolio, we understand all common aluminium welding processes. In this way, we can implement welding tasks in the areas of MIG/MAG, CMT, TIG, friction and laser welding in consistently high quality and efficiently join different materials and wall thicknesses with low heat input.

The production area of aluminium welding is completed by our automated helium seal testing systems, which guarantee flawless products.

Aluminum welding is used, for example, in the production of air spring systems, pressure accumulators for industrial applications, air-conditioning dryers and accumulators as well as suspension struts and fuel filters.

Through the possible combination with other important manufacturing processes such as pressing and machining, JAHN GmbH offers a high level of overarching competence. These allow to manufacture even complex assemblies economically.

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