Aluminum cold extrusion

With the aid of state-of-the-art equipment, we have been producing technical impact extruded parts to the highest standards for three decades. Smooth production processes using high-performance knuckle-joint presses with press forces of 100 to 2000 kilonewtons enable us to produce even complicated impact extruded parts with a high degree of forming in continuous quality. Here we offer the process variants reverse extrusion, forward extrusion and combined extrusion.

Realizable dimensional ranges

Diameter: 10 - 200 mm

Lengths: up to 750 mm

Wall thickness: up to 20 mm

Usable materials

The cold extrusion process at JAHN GmbH

In cold extrusion, slugs of the desired material are plastically deformed by the application of force from a punch. Due to the ‘flow’ between punch and die, a desired shape with very good roughness values and a very high shape accuracy is achieved.

Further processing of the impact extruded parts is carried out, for example, by trimming and punching operations as well as CNC machining and welding.

The cold extrusion process is characterized by its favorable tooling and production costs, which offer an excellent price-performance ratio. In addition, the high degree of forming, low material loss and high dimensional accuracy provide further important economic advantages.

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