Battery cell cup & housings

In the field of impact extrusion, we as JAHN GmbH are the leading manufacturer in Europe in the field of battery cell cups. For the field of electromobility, we are able to manufacture production-ready solutions and products in quantities of millions. In this way, we have already been able to take on key roles in several supply chains of well-known manufacturers. We are proud to be a participating player in one of the most important technology areas of the near future.

We offer different variants of cylindrical and prismatic cups, as well as customized formats and special shapes.

With our innovative solutions, we support customers with a wide variety of cup shapes. Close customer-oriented cooperation in the design process enables the conception of ideal interfaces to further components.

For better performance, we also offer cell buckets made of sandwich materials. The optimized heat dissipation of a pure copper metal alloy allows component sizes to be reduced while maintaining the same power output, or to achieve better performance while maintaining the same size.