Fluid and Powertrain

A special diversity is shown in the fuel filter components of JAHN GmbH.
Here we offer approx. 180 different types for almost all vehicle models and engine variants worldwide.

Belt and toothed pulleys

As a manufacturer of pulleys and toothed pulleys, we also produce solutions for mechanical and plant engineering that are characterized by optimum power transmission and high efficiency. Our belt pulleys and toothed pulleys are not assembled from several modules, but are created in one piece and in one common production step. In this way, additional add-on elements can be bypassed and potential breakage points avoided. The high degree of design freedom is also reflected in the wide range of options for longitudinal or transverse attachment of the toothing.

With a wide range of products for piston pressure accumulators, we offer our customers individual solutions for transmission applications. Close cooperation as early as the design phase enables the best possible energy transmission in the desired area of application.

Steering elements

As a manufacturer of aluminum products, we also specialize in the production of steering elements. With the greatest possible care, we produce gear shafts, joint forks, steering wheel mounts and also motor housings for steering devices as customized solutions for our customers.