Defense and pyrotechnics

In the field of defense and pyrotechnics, we as JAHN GmbH produce reliable aluminum components for defense applications and rescue operations.

Our offer includes various components for marine signals. Due to their light weight and salt water resistant properties by means of additional passivation, our optical signaling devices offer the best possible application possibilities for maritime and climatically demanding environments, e.g. in life buoys.

We also supply cartridge cases, which are used as basic components for signal pistols. These are also used, among other things, in sea rescue operations, where the highest standards of reliability are required even under the most adverse conditions.

Our flare sleeves also stand for high load-bearing capacity in critical danger situations. They are available in various individual designs for the defense equipment of jet aircraft. By generating heat, they make it possible to prevent enemy target acquisition.

Our production also includes the manufacture of housings for ejection seats and cockpit releases. Areas of application in which certified quality and modern manufacturing technologies are paramount.