Pressure cylinder

The extraordinarily wide product range of JAHN GmbH is particularly evident in the area of pressure cylinders.

Our cylinders made of aluminum or aluminum alloy cover sizes from 0.2 to 10 liters and are designed for up to 500 bar operating pressure. Of course, standard certification according to ISO 1108 for disposable cylinders as well as ISO 7866 for reusable cylinders according to ADR also applies here. In addition, international certifications according to DOT and Rho are part of the common standard requirements of our products.

For diverse industry solutions, our product range offers single- and multi-way cylinders in various printing areas:

1 Low pressure cylinder

Drinking bottle and perfume case

2 Disposable high-pressure

Fire extinguishing, helium and gas cylinders

3 Reusable High Pressure Cylinder

Solutions for medical engineering and the chemical industry
Diverse solutions for CO2 cylinders

To ensure consistently high production quality, JAHN GmbH also has an internal testing service for checking and approving produced cylinders.

The wide scope of our comprehensive production capabilities enables us to perform gas filling according to the food standard ISO 22000 in addition to pure cylinder production. In this way, we can cover the overlapping production steps of design, manufacturing and filling of the cylinders from a single source.